Our Glass Bottles

Approximately twenty-three percent of the energy used in our food production system is allocated to processing and packaging food (Murray, Danielle. Oil and Food: A Rising Security Challenge, May 9, 2005 (accessed September 1, 2006)).

Our glass bottles can be reused countless times, in fact, we have glass bottles that are over 40 years old and continue to be returned, cleaned, sterilized and reused. The thick dairy glass serves as a better insulator than plastic or coated-cardboard to keep milk colder. The glass doesn't leach chemicals into the milk that can alter the taste like plastic.

One estimate suggests that reusing a glass jar five times at home can save about half of the energy a commercial packager uses to make five disposable containers.

- Pimentel, David, and Marcia Pimentel. Energy use in food processing for nutrition and development (accessed September 1, 2006).